meet Daphne

Hi! I’m Daphne, a 29 y/o Dutchie and former professional athlete of the Dutch national sailing team!

In addition to my elite sport career I always had affinity for media, journalism and basically everything related to audiovisual content creation. I completed my Bachelor of Arts – Media & Entertainment Management in 2019.

As my own campaign manager I decided it was about time to show my sport to a bigger audience. But how? In 2016 I came up with the idea to start capturing my training days and started making vlogs as ‘Daphne’s World.’ It gave me the opportunity to develop my creativity, editing skills and social media knowledge. I became my own little entrepreneur and it was time to rename my brand to ‘Blue Media Productions’.


‘Because of my sailing career it’s not a surprise I value the ocean a lot as I spend most of my days training on this big blue playground. Sailing through polluted water made me realize I really want to contribute to the health of our planet.


My dream is to use the power of film to give a stage to certain topics that play a role in society.’